Getting Started

Depending on whether you have obtained the Windows or the linux version, the executable is named either McArtim.exe or McArtim. Throughout this documentation McArtim is used.

Call without Arguments

The first step is to make oneself familiar with the program by executing McArtim without arguments:

There are two ways of calling McArtim. One way is to specify a simulation.conf file and optionally pass the -t which means 'table' processing. Without -t McArtim produces a single row of output. -t allows to process tables with data. The number of output rows will be the same as the number of lines in the data file specified in simulation.conf.

Online Help with -h and Object conf Templates

Passing the -h option to McArtim allows to get command line support for the configuration files:

If an object name listed in McArtim -h is passed as an argument (i.e. McArtim -h object), McArtim produces a template of the corresponding .conf file.

With the call McArtim -h -c directory the program generates a configuration and directory structure skeleton, that can be used as a starting point. The only information that one has to pass to the program is a fully qualified directory path directoryin which the configuration skeleton shall be created. The data that one will need in order to complete the configuration are