Variable Name and AliasesDefault ValueArguments, Unit, Description
dir_base|dir_base_directory base directory in which all subordinated files can be found
fn_raytracerraytracer.conf raytracer configuration file
fn_geometrygeometry.conf geometry configuration file
fn_gridgrid/grid.conf grid configuration file
fn_atmosphere|fn_mediumatmosphere/atmosphere.conf (optical) atmosphere configuration file
fn_surfacesurface/surface.conf solid surface configuration file
fn_solar_irradiance|fn_Fraunhofer_spectrum|fn_F0solar_irradiance.txt extra terrestrial solar irradiance spectrum file. Format: wavelength [nm] irradiance [W/m^2]
wavelength_distributiondelta selection: delta|Gauss|flat :wavelength distribution of detected wavelength spectrum: delta|Gauss|flat
wavelength_nm360.000000 wave length in nm
slit_sigma_nm0.000000 slit function sigma in nm
wavelength_A_nm0.000000 wave length A in nm
wavelength_B_nm0.000000 wave length B in nm
b_use_HITRANDataBaseno setup and use HITRAN spectral database
fn_HITRAN_database_configurationhitran.conf HITRAN database reference
fn_table_description|fn_data_table_format|fn_data_table_columnsfile file containing format of the data table to be processed
fn_data_table|fn_input_datafile file with data in columns as described in the file above
fn_functional_layer|fn_functionalsfunctionals.conf file describing the functionals to be calculated
download simulation.conf