Variable Name and AliasesDefault ValueArguments, Unit, Description
dir_base|dir_base_directory base directory in which all subordinated files can be found
namenone name of the particle
modeloptical selection: optical|microphysical :input data model
b_has_single_phase_function|b_single_PhF|b_one_PhFyes use one phase function for the hole atmosphere?
PhaseFunctionType|PhFType|PhFHG selection: HG|Mie|Rayleigh|RR|LE|HGQTable|Table :model of the phase function
asymmetry_parameter|g0.500000 asymmetry parameter
h0.500000 in [0.5,1], relative contribution of the copolarized component to the total backscattered light if the incident light is completely linearly polarized
p0.500000 in [0,1], maximum degree of linear polarization for incident unpolarized light
single_scattering_albedo|ssa1.000000 single scattering albedo in [0,1]
phase_function_resolution|PhF_resolution|PhFRes1000 cos(scatter_angle) resolution of the phase function
DSDModelNLogNormal selection: NLogNormal|detailed :DSD model row format of fn_droplet_size_distribution: either NLogNormal (N_ir_isigma_i) or detailed (N_i)
fn_droplet_size_distribution|fn_DSDfile DSD file, format depends on DSDModel
fn_DSD_radius_list|fn_DSD_radiifile DSD radius list file
fn_phase_function|fn_PhF|fn_differential_cross_section|fn_dcsfile phase function / differential cross section data
b_use_phase_function_caching|b_phf_caching|b_use_phase_function_cacheno use phase function caching?
b_interpolate_phase_functionno interpolate phase function?
confidence_intervall|DSD_sigma4.000000 number of sigmas to be considered around a maximum for DSD Mie calculations
fn_refractive_index|fn_refinfile filename for the wavelength dependent complex refractive index
no_dsd_bins|no_DSD_bins100 number of bins for droplet size distribution Mie calculations
no_Legendre_expansion_moments|no_LE_moments10 number of Legendre expansion moments for both, optical and micro physical particle definition
fn_mapfile filename for map file
fn_cluster_data|fn_datafile cluster data. format: ext.@ref TAB ssa TAB [Phf parameters sep. by TABs], e.g. for HG: g TAB h TAB p
profile|datafile particle profile data, cluster row format: 1=ext coeff[1/km] 2=ssa[0-1] 3,4,5...=Phf parameters
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