Variable Name and AliasesDefault ValueArguments, Unit, Description
dir_base|dir_base_directory base directory in which all subordinated files can be found
GridType|typesp1D selection: sp1D|sp3D|pp1D|pp3D :grid type sp = spherical, pp = plane parallel, 1D or 3D
planet_radius|Re|earth_radius6377.500000 [km] radius of the planet for spherical grids
ground_level|ground_altitude0.000000 [km] ground height level
fn_longitude_grid|fn_phi_gridfile [degree] 1 column
fn_colatitude_grid|fn_thetafile [degree] 1 column
fn_altitude_gridfile [km] 1 column
fn_X_gridfile [km] 1 column
fn_Y_gridfile [km] 1 column
fn_Z_gridfile [km] 1 column
b_cyclic_xno cyclic x coordinate?
b_cyclic_yno cyclic y coordinate?
b_cyclic_zno cyclic z coordinate?
b_s3d_one_longitude_cellno only one huge longitude cell?
b_s3d_one_colatitude_cellno only one huge colatitude cell?
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