Variable Name and AliasesDefault ValueArguments, Unit, Description
dir_base|dir_base_directory base directory in which all subordinated files can be found
namenone name of the gas
fn_cluster_data|fn_data|fn_clustersfile cluster data filename. 1 column, number density [N/cm^3]
fn_mapfile map filename
wavelength_range_nmnone lambdaA[nm]~lambdaB[nm]: wavelength range for which lines are extracted
fn_cross_section|fn_csfile 1st row: 0 TAB T1[K] TAB ... TAB TN [K], following rows: wl[nm] TAB cs1 [cm^2] TAB ... TAB csN [cm^2]
cross_section_format|cs_format|csfwavelength_temperature selection: wavelength_temperature|cluster_wavelength|HITRAN :format of cross section file
profile|datawavelength_temperature gas profile data, cluster row format: 1=n[1/cm^3], for table processing: profile[cluster,parameter index]
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