Variable Name and AliasesDefault ValueArguments, Unit, Description
dir_base|dir_base_directory base directory in which all subordinated files can be found
fn_air_datafile air data filename. 2 columns: pressure [hPa] TAB temperature [K]
fn_air_mapfile air map filename
b_consider_rotational_raman_scattering|b_RRS|b_Ring_effectno consider rotational Raman scattering for the simulation of the Ring effect?
RRS_JMax|J_max50 maximum rotational quatum number considered
RCSFormulavanDeelen selection: Penndorf|Nicolet|BodhaineEq29|Bodhaine|vanDeelen|file :Rayleigh cross section formula to use.
b_isotropic_molecular_polarizabilityno disable depolarization effects in the Rayleigh phase function?
fn_rayleigh_cross_sectionfile external Rayleigh cross section file. 2 columns, wavelength [nm] TAB cs [cm^2]
b_consider_Herzberg_continuumno consider an analytic description of the Herzberg continuum in the UV?
airno air profile data, usage: air[cluster index,i] where i=1: pressure [hPa], i=2: temperature [K]
gases|absorbers|gaseous_absorbersnone comma separated list of gaseous absorber configuration filenames, each without '.conf'
particles|scatterersnone comma separated list of particle configuration filenames, each without '.conf'
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