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6. September 2018

Idlib: e-mail to putin@kremlin.ru

Dear Mister Putin,

since four years I have been researching the net effect of positive and negative interest rates on economy and society.

The sign of the interest rate marks the type of the economic system.

A PLUS means that the ones who have money receive interest when they lend and, conversely, the ones who borrow give interest for that they are allowed to use money for a while. The emerging system is called capitalism, and since Marx[+] and Schumpeter[+] we know that it must end one day.

Until a few years ago and since more than since six thousand years the principle of positive interest rates was the sole and dominating principal to rule (meanwhile global) economy. All countries apply it, including Russia.

Global map with interest rates. Monetary areas with positive interest rates are capitalisms and those with negative intereste rates have anti-capitalistic economies (Swiss, Denmark, Sweden, Japan, €-zone).
We never really tried to establish the logic alternative to positive interest rates.

The macroeconomic effects of positive interest rates can be observed over the whole planet. It causes the accumulation of capital goods, the chaotic redistribution and accumulation of people, the destruction of families and the environment, a struggle on ressources and materials needed for the prosperity of the domestic economies and in the end, always, whenever inequality could not become worse, civil war or war of people against each other, like the first and second world war.

28 million Russians were killed in the Second World War by German soldiers. I apologize for that, and I remind my people on that, when ever it is neccessary. We must not forget the deads!

Following the simplest logic, a MINUS, i.e. a negative sign of the interest rate, yields an entirely different economic process[1]. The principle is nothing new, it goes back to Heraklitus' panta rhei[+], Jesus[+] expresses it in Luke 6:[27-35], Mohammed[+] repeated it in Sura 2, the principle of Zakat, and in the course of the twentieth century it was rediscovered by the mainstream of (at least the german) sociologic and economic researchers, e.g. Simmel[+], Weber, Gesell, Schumpeter[+] and of course Niklas Luhmann[+], ..., Werner Onken, Dieter Suhr, Bernd Senf, ..., Kenneth Rogoff[+], Charles Eisenstein, et ceteri.

We know now that we in western Europe are already in touch with introducing negative interest rates as the general rule in economy and we already see its overwhelming success and power.

Mr. Putin, we know which interests Russia has in Syria, and we all know now that a potential killing of about three million people, amongst them women and children, will not help in any way to overcome the insanity of growing dead things like money.

Please stop that military operation and save the people in Idlib.

Another world is possible and it is close as never before. That world, Jesus[+] called it the Kingdom of God, i.e. the global society and economy emerging from negative interest rates, will come, and we will have to look back on what we have done.

Stop the killing, please.

Yours sincerely,


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